Etsy App Now Available For Download On Play Store

Etsy users rejoice! The official Etsy app is now available on Android for free.

The official Etsy app is catered towards the shopper as opposed to the seller. There really isn’t a way to put your item up for sale. Although, that may be a feature we can expect to see in the future. The entirety of the 17-million item online shopping center is available to the user. The Etsy app makes it very easy to browse various shops and find items. Not only that, but the app also makes it very easy to sort through categories, which makes shopping extremely easy to do on the app itself. Users will also like how extremely easy it is to purchase items through the app as well.

Though I rarely use Etsy to purchase things, I loaded up the app for myself and noticed that it was very well designed. The Etsy app is very smooth and I’d argue that it’s actually a lot better than the e-Bay apps’ recent design changes. Unfortunately, if you’re running a Android smartphone that isn’t powered by Gingerbread or higher, you’re going to be out of luck. If you have Gingerbread or higher, make sure to hit the Play Store link below to grab the free download.

I personally will be experimenting with the app a bit more, I really like the design and performance it offers. If only some other apps were as robust as this.

Play Store

source: Etsy Blog

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