Dune II Gets Ported To HTML5 Browsers

Kids of the 90’s will remember playing Dune II which was quite popular during that time. This title, which was developed by Westwood Studios, became one of the pioneers in the real time strategy genre and would be the blueprint for other RTS games that came after it.

dune ii

If you’ve wanted to play this game lately but can’t find a copy of it then you’ll be pleased to know that Dune II has now been ported over to HTML5 browsers. The same guy who brought the original Command & Conquer game to the browser is also responsible for creating a browser port for this game.

Russian developer Aleksander Guryanov has just finished the HTML5/Javascript port of the game which you can now enjoy playing over at the play-dune site. You will have access to the three competing houses which are the Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen. Each of these houses will have at least 6 MB of data to be downloaded.

I tried out the game using the Chrome browser on my PC and it worked perfectly. I’ve also tried playing the game on an Android smartphone using a Chrome browser but the experience wasn’t all that great due to constant freezing.

The game is set in the planet Arrakis which has a sandy environment. What’s special about this planet is that it is the only one in the entire universe that has Spice, which is a component needed in interstellar travel. Those who have more Spice will be able to increase their economy through interstellar trade.

There are three houses competing against each other in harvesting the Spice of the planet. Players decide which among the three houses they would like to control. You will need to collect Spice with the use of your harvesters to be able to construct building and units. Aside from competing with the other houses you will also be facing sandworms which are native to the planet and can destroy any unit you have.

Despite being an old game it is still fun to play and is one of the classics worth checking out.

via play-dune