Dropbox Acquires Photo Sharing Service Snapjoy


Dropbox has been very active since the past few days. It recently acquired music streaming service AudioGalaxy which led us to believe that it had something in store for the cloud music crowd. This made a lot of sense especially since Dropbox is already a big name in the cloud storage industry with a large user base to brag of. And now the company has acquired a photo sharing service called Snapjoy which is a great alternative to the likes of Picasa, Flickr etc. The service basically lets users view all their photos on different services and devices right under one app. It seems like Dropbox is looking towards a massive expansion, considering it has over 100 million users on its cloud storage service. Details are very scarce as of now, but we’ll know more about Dropbox’s plans in the coming days.

With Instagram and party currently ruling the photo sharing biz, it’s going to be hard for a new name to make an impact. But if Dropbox plays its cards right, we could see a new name emerge in the industry. There’s no clear information about the exact deal between the two services and how much money was involved, but the news has been confirmed by Snapjoy on its official blog. The app came to the fore in May 2011, and the creators should be pretty pumped up on being acquired already. The CEO of Snapjoy mentioned that the service had other interested buyers too. So it seems like Snapjoy had made quite a splash with potential buyers. The folks at Snapjoy assured existing users that their photos were absolutely safe, although new users weren’t able to sign up for the service ever since the acquisition was announced. It will now depend on Dropbox and Snapjoy to work in co-ordination to bring a neat little photo storage service to rival the likes of Flickr, Picasa and Instagram.

Dropbox is certainly very ambitious, and rightly so given its credentials in the field. It is currently leading the pack when it comes to cloud storage services which includes SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Apple’s iCloud among others. With Audio Galaxy under its belt as well, Dropbox has certainly announced itself as a major player in the cloud services arena and not just limiting itself to plain storage. Of course, Dropbox hasn’t made any of these plans public but these acquisitions couldn’t mean anything else.

Source: Snapjoy
Via: Tech Crunch