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Download: Awesome Time Logger for Android (Free)


Modern day mobile platforms are known for their versatility in terms of apps and other functions. When we consider apps, it’s necessary to support new and upcoming developers who have their app listed in the Google Play Store. Yes, big name developers do make their apps look very attractive and likable, but it is important to support the lesser known developers as well, because we know they’ve got plenty of talent. A new developing house named Maxiosoftware came up with a simple little app named Awesome Time Logger back last month, and yes that’s the name of the app. You might want to reserve the “awesome” tag until you’ve used the app, but it does what it’s supposed to do. No problems there. This basically lets users take control of their time and schedule their day perfectly.

The UI is very simple, and since the app basically works on any device running on Android 2.2 and up, we think a large number of users will find this app compatible on their device. Timing your appointments, your shower, dinner, work etc could never have been made easier. Sure you’ll find plenty of apps like these in the Play Store, but it won’t hurt to have this one in your app list. Users have the ability to customize the color of the interface and opt for daily, monthly or even yearly reports. Moreover, users can further export and/or import .csv extensions if they’re looking to switch devices. The developer has opened a thread on Android Forums, to receive feedback from you if you find anything faulty. If you find there’s something wrong with app or if it doesn’t work, make sure to let them know.

There’s also a paid version of the app, which we suggest you buy only after trying out the free version first. There’s obviously more functionality with the paid app, but getting a feel of the app with the free version would help you decide if the app is worth the money ($2). Download the app from the Google Play Store with the link provided below. Let us know if it helps you be more productive. The developer has specified that HD tablets aren’t supported yet.

Awesome Time Logger For Android – Free

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