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Download Android 4.2.1 AOKP Custom ROM for the AT&T HTC One X


Custom ROMs are freely available for almost every Android smartphone out there with developer groups like CyanogenMod and the vast community at XDA helping users pick the best ROM for their compatible device. The idea of getting a custom ROM on a smartphone is so intriguing that people often forget the risks involved in the process. There’s a high risk of potentially bricking the smartphone undergoing the process, which is important to keep in mind. With that out of the way, we will now discuss one new custom ROM which has surfaced on XDA, fully knowing all the risks involved. This Android 4.2.1 ROM is cooked up for the HTC One XL (the AT&T One X) and is still a work in progress. But for those of you willing to give this ROM a try, here’s how. Bear in mind this is a preview build and merely lets you have Android 4.2.1 on board as most of the features are missing. Make sure you backup your stock ROM before going ahead with the process.

Users will have to download the AOKP JellyBean 4.2.1 ROM and the Google Apps Package which brings Google’s native apps from Android 4.2 (links given below). After unzipping the packages, reboot into recovery and back up your existing version of the ROM. It is important to perform a system wide wipe of your device unless you’re already on an AOKP Jelly Bean ROM already. You can find the rest of the process over at the XDA forums, so make sure you give it a thorough look before going ahead with the flashing.

As of now, the camera functionality does not work at all which means you won’t be able to experience Photo Sphere, which is one of the key features of Android 4.2. The Wi-Fi Tethering feature seems to be broken too, so we recommend you to go ahead with the process only if you have a backup smartphone as your daily driver. The developer rohan32 over at XDA, also pointed out that this ROM might not boot on a few devices, which is where your backup ROM should come in handy. So this ROM should be treated as a work in progress and not necessarily a fully finished product. We suggest you proceed with caution if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Flashing custom ROMs is a risky process as we already mentioned above, and your warranty is immediately voided if you play around with bootloaders which is why Verizon locks the bootloaders of most smartphones.

Here are the download links for the ROM and the Google Apps package. If you own a device and were adventurous enough to try this ROM out, let us know how it went for you.

Android 4.2.1 AOKP JellyBean Release Preview 1.1
Android 4.2.1 Google Apps Package

Find the full process here.

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