Disney Announces New Games for Mobile Devices


Disney has a few titles on Android and iOS which have been widely popular among the masses. One such game which comes to mind is Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry. The Disney developer house also has Temple Run: Brave under its belt which was a movie mashup of the original Temple Run and has seen great success on both major mobile platforms. And now, Disney is all set to add a few more titles to the mix to make things more interesting and fun this holiday season. Disney will also bring a few expansion packs to already existing titles and add more levels to the games.

Monsters Inc. Run is one of the new games Disney is launching. This game has been developed in co-ordination with Get Set Games who are the makers of Mega Jump and Mega Run games. So basically this game will be a mashup of those games with characters from Monsters Inc running the show. The app will be made available later today, apparently.

As we’re dealing with the holiday season now, Where’s My Holiday seems like an appropriate addition to your mobile device. This game basically is a combination of Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry with the obvious Christmas theme to it. Apparently, both the main characters of the respective games work in tandem to solve puzzles. That sounds fun. Users will have to wait until December 20th though, as that is when Disney will launch the game.

Next up is Nemo’s Reef. And yes this does involve the popular Disney fish, Nemo. Naming games after popular Disney characters is turning into a trend now and one which is certainly going well with the fans. Nemo’s Reef basically seems like a strategic games unlike anything we’ve seen from Disney yet. As the name sounds, the character in the game will have to build a reef underwater. This means it could require some brain picking, so it might not exactly be for everybody. We’ll know more when it is launched next week.

Disney is bringing updates to games like Temple Run: Brave, Where’s My Perry and Wreck It Ralph. These games will receive cool add ons which should go well with these popular titles. Temple Run: Brave is getting King Fergus as a new playable character. Wreck It Ralph is receiving a mini racing game with the new update. And Where’s My Perry is getting 40 additional levels which will cost $0.99. So these are the fun packed titles Disney has in store for its fans. Where’s My Holiday should see great amounts of downloads as it’s a mashup of two widely popular titles from Disney. Let’s hope we get to see developers like Gameloft add some new titles to their action/adventure genre of games as well.

Source: Touch Arcade
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