Details of Sony’s 2013 Xperia Flagships Revealed


Sony hasn’t been a major player in the mobile industry, as it has been rather slow in bringing flagship smartphones to the fore. Although the company recently overtook HTC to claim the second spot in UK sales, its device lineup has been nothing to write home about. All of that was set to change with the Odin/Yuga smartphones, although we haven’t known much about the smartphones besides their form factor. But now, according to a Sony tipster, the company could have something bigger in stores for us. This leak reveals the company’s 2013 flagship smartphones, among which there is a smartphone running on the quad core ARM Cortex A15 CPU, which should make it the best of the best smartphones out there.

We are quoting the Sony tipster below (translated from Chinese):

quarterly flagship machine:

5 inch 1080P screen

A15 4-core


3,000 mAh battery

16 megapixel camera

overall size and Yuga almost. The hardware configuration the stereotypes too early to say, may change next October.

first half of the high-end machine:

Xperia 4 – 720p ~ 360PPI, 12MP, MSM8960T, 1.5GB, microSD, 16GB, 1800mAh

Xperia – 1080p 2400mAh

Xperia 5R – 1080p 440PPI, 13MP, APQ8064, LTE, 2GB, microSD, 32GB, 2800mAh, waterproof IP57

Xperia 6 – 1080p ~ 370PPI, 13MP, APQ8064, LTE, 3GB, microSD, 32GB, 3500mAh

Since this was translated from Chinese, you might find a few irregularities in the sentences, but the specs mentioned is exactly the same as mentioned  by the tipster. The list reveals quite a few interesting details about Sony’s new lineup of smartphones. We’re particularly interested in the Xperia 6, which with its 6-inch 1080p display should be a great addition to the market, although it might be a little too big for some. Most of these smartphones feature the quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip (Xperia 5R and Xperia 6), which is Qualcomm’s best right now. There seems to be some cool camera sensors on board these devices too, which has always been Sony’s strong points. The Xperia 5R apparently features IP57 rating meaning it is water resistant. These are certainly exciting looking specs, and we really hope this gets to see the light of the day. Now what’s left to see is how and when Sony will launch these devices. Will the company unveil them at the CES like it did early this year with the Xperia S and ion? If not CES, Sony can always launch the device at the dedicated mobile event in February (MWC). Until then, we can only drool over these specs of the alleged next gen Xperia flagships. Take your pick.

If smartphones like these start popping up, Samsung will really have to step up its game. And since the Korean company is known to do that, we’re guessing it has something bigger currently under production. So until then, we’ll remain fairly optimistic of Sony’s offerings i.e. if they’re launched.

Source: Sony Forums (Google Translate)
Via: Talk Android

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