Denmark-Based Eye Tribe Readies Eye-Tracking Software For Mobile Devices

An company in Denmark called The Eye Tribe is preparing a new, innovative way of interacting with mobile devices. The company formerly known as Senseye is developing a software that would rely on eye movements to control tablets, smartphones, and other products. It works through the help of a mobile device’s front-facing camera, which tracks the user’s eye movements.


In the words of The Eye Tribe team itself: “The image captured by the front-facing camera of the smartphone or tablet is analyzed using computer-vision algorithms. Our software can then determine the location of the eyes and estimate where you’re looking on the screen with an accuracy good enough to know which icon you’re looking at.”

Already, The Eye Tribe has received $800,000 in seed funding from European investors. Recently, however, it has received more support that allowed it to begin a three-year project worth $4.4 million. $2.3 million from this amount is from the Danish National Advanced Foundation, which provides support to private companies involved in technology to encourage their growth. This grant, the Foundation clarified, will not give it an equity stake.

According to a statement from the Danish government, it is working to make the country recognized as a technological society.

The Eye Tribe is also partnering with LEGO, DTU Informatics, Serious Games Interactive, and LEGO.  According to Sune Alstrup Johansen, the Eye Tribe CEO, “By having partners such as LEGO and Serious Games Interactive we not only prove that eye tracking can be integrated in a mobile device, but we also make sure that we have the necessary use cases to show that the technology is useful.”

Among the uses that the new technology can provide are logging in a mobile device using one’s eye movements, games where the input is eye-controlled, and scrolling on a display.

The company is also planning to release a software development kit (SDK) for developers who want to explore the technology.

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