Cyanogen Mod 10 Nightlies Now Available For The Nexus 10

Those who managed to snag a Nexus 10 from the Play Store are going to be able to get their hands dirty, as the CyanogenMod team has uploaded their very first Nightly ROM for Google’s Samsung-manufactured Nexus 10 tablet. Those that are ready to start taking the nightly ROMs for a test run can do so by hitting the source link below. Just remember though, nightly ROMs are essentially alpha test builds, which more often than not are plagued with several bugs. If you’ve never done rooting before, be sure to check out the Nexus 10 toolkit will allow users to easily root their Nexus 10 device. Although you will still need to do a bit of reading regarding the toolkit. Thankfully it’s all consolidated in this XDA Forum thread.

Just remember to be careful with this type of stuff. Rooting and flashing your device can be a dangerous journey. There’s always the risk of breaking that expensive $400 – $500 device. Just remember that you’re responsible for your own actions if something were to happen to your device. If you follow the steps listed on the XDA forum thread for rooting, you should come out fine though!

Are you going to be rooting and flashing CyanogenMod on your Nexus 10? I like the idea of having extra features with the CyanogenMod nightlies, but I’m gonna have to say that I think I like stock Android a lot better than risking the $400+ tablet. If you download one of the nightlies, make sure to let us know how it’s doing for you!

source: CyanogenMod


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