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Could This Be the iPhone 5S?


It seems like the iPhone wants to be in the news all the time. Every September-October, it’s in the news for its launch and shortly after that for the large number of pre orders or some issues with the device itself. This is a pattern synonymous with any top-end flagship really, and the iPhone is no different. And now, the iPhone is in the news for an entirely different reason. If reports are to be believed, the next iteration of the iPhone which is apparently slated for a mid-2013 release has already been leaked. And there are some images to back it up, although they don’t prove anything. The next iPhone is believed to be known as the iPhone 5S (no points for guessing), and is said to have a similar size as the iPhone 5. But that’s not the interesting part. In a couple of images of the alleged new iPhone, the FCC ID and the model number of the device have been marked out. Apple is known to treat its prototypes this way, so there’s enough to go with the iPhone 5S rumor.

Another image (shown below) which is believed to be of the rear housing of the iPhone 5S, shows that there are screws positioned in different locations when compared with the iPhone 5. This sparks the rumor that the said iPhone could feature something different inside. It’s all too early to jump to conclusions, but it won’t hurt to just wonder if any of this is true. It would be rather disappointing if Apple followed the old trend of launching a not so flattering successor to a flagship smartphone like it did with the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4S. Let’s hope for once that this rumor is fake and that Apple would mend its old habits.


On the flipside, what’s shown in the pictures could be an early prototype of the iPhone 5, which might have been leaked out now to garner some attention. This is a very likely scenario, especially considering that Apple wouldn’t already be producing the successor to a phone which is only 2-3 months old. Although reports have suggested that Apple will put the iPhone 5 successor into production in early 2013 to accommodate for that mid-2013 launch. All this is hearsay as of now and cannot be confirmed or proved wrong. As the days go by, we should see more rumors coming from the next gen iPhone. Fake or not, we don’t mind tinkering with our imagination. What do you think of this new rumor?

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