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17.4 million New Android/iOS Devices Activated on Christmas


Christmas day is always a fun time for everybody. Wrapping presents, opening them and the fun followed afterwards is all what the Christmas spirit is all about (and yes, eggnog too). But it’s the time of the year when electronics manufacturers sell their devices in large numbers as there are tons of people gifting gadgets and other electronics, mainly because it’s convenient and something which everybody uses. This was evident during the recently concluded Christmas sales, as according to Flurry Analytics, over 17.4 million Android and iOS devices were activated on December 25th. This, in comparison to the 4 million Android/iOS devices activated on an average each day during the first 20 days of December.

There are no numbers for each platform, so it’s hard to pin point towards one platform which sold well during Christmas. It is however quite clear that Apple was the major winner during Christmas, at least in terms of tablets as the iPad Mini and the large sized third gen/fourth gen iPad sold fairly well. Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD was also among the top selling tablets during Christmas. A marketshare of 51% for tablets was reported on Christmas day. Sadly for Google, its Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets are only available in the Google Play Store, with the Nexus 10 not even in stock there. So it is not surprising that these two devices are missing from the list.

When we speak of app downloads, it also saw a substantial increase on Christmas day. Beginning from 9AM as compared to the average download times between 7PM to 10PM, people reportedly downloaded over 328 million apps in one day. In comparison, the average downloads per day during the first 20 days of December was 155 million each day. Here again, there’s no way to know which platform sold more apps, but a collective 328 million apps were downloaded by Android and iOS devices. This speaks volumes of the large volumes of sales manufacturers/app developers see during the holidays and also a lesson for Google to stock up on its devices during this crucial time of the season.

Apple made the most of the tablet sales and deservingly so as there was no major competition to stand up against it. I guess the introduction of the iPad Mini has gone a long way in making the iPads more appealing to the general public despite featuring slightly low end specs. Expectedly, the likes of the Surface RT are missing from the list as it has only recently made its way to retail stores. That’s not to say that the device might not have sold at all though.

Source: Flurry
Via: Phone Arena

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