Cellphone Radiations Don’t Cause Brain Cancer, Says Recently Concluded 20 Year Survey Report


We’ve been treated to a lot of science related surveys which have indicated that cellphone radiations can cause a certain form of brain cancer in humans. However, it is now being reported that cellphone radiations might not cause cancer after all. Several reports have previously suggested that mobile radiations cause glioma which is a form of cancer found in the spine and the brain. A recently concluded survey published in the Journal of Epidemiology gathered glioma incidence statistics from the past 20 years in the Nordic region consisting of Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. And the final report suggested that glioma cannot be correlated with mobile phone usage as there’s no evidence stating otherwise.

What gives this survey more weight over other surveys is the fact that during the time that the data was collected, the region was booming with mobile phones. This was a time when countries like the U.S didn’t have that many cell phone users. It has come to light that despite the usage of cellphone increasing with each passing year, the frequency in glioma cases hasn’t drastically changed. In fact, glioma cases among men have apparently come down since the 1980s, so the data in hand suggests that mobile phone usage doesn’t cause glioma in general. The data however also suggests that glioma cases have seen an increase in women, although that doesn’t stand out as enough evidence.

But for class action lawsuit lawyers in the U.S, there’s still a tiny hope to prove that cellphone radiations do cause cancer. Well, there are some types of cancer which evolve 20 years after exposure. So while we can be assured that cellphone radiation doesn’t and won’t cause glioma, we cannot rule out the possibility of electromagnetic radiations causing cancers of any type. If this were indeed true, the people in the Nordic region will be the first ones to know as they have been using cellphones long before anyone else. There’s no reason to worry though (unless you’re a lawyer trying to prove otherwise) as people can be assured at least for now that cellphone radiations aren’t that harmful after all. We’ve heard about several other side effects of cellphone radiation, but none of them come with substantial evidence. So until we have them, it would be wise to live worry free with our cellphones.

Source: BGR
Via: Phone Arena