Canadians Tell The CRTC No More Three-Year Contracts

The Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is looking into writing up a “national code” for their wireless services. With the idea of this in mind, the CRTC has set up their own platform where Canadian residents will be able to voice their opinions of issues that they have with some of the mobile carriers residing in Canada. After setting up this platform, 1,043 submissions were receiving with the majority of customers wanting wireless carriers to nix the 36-month contract. Personally, three-years is a really long time for a smartphone contract, which is why I’d think that the majority of people would have some sort of beef with it.

Stateside, we are able to get subsidized phones every two years, but in Canada, it is much different, as they put their customers on a three-year contract (who could actually stand being on a three-year contract with how fast new gadgets release?). Some of the complaints that the CRTC received asked about the United States’ system and why Canadians were not allowed to have the same two-year agreements, albeit some Canadian carriers have offered both two- and three-year contracts.

The CRTC took to Twitter to thank all of those who voiced their opinions and then asked for them to come back on January 28th for a vote on a Draft Code. A Draft Code is essentially an outline of proposed rule changes.

Things may just be looking over for Canadian geeks who enjoy having the luxury of subsidized prices.

source: Phone Arena

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