Can the new Facebook Messenger Replace Popular Cross Platform IM Apps?


Facebook is one of the greatest stories in the Silicon Valley. Its rise to the top has been rather phenomenal and is undoubtedly one of the marvels of the modern century. However, the public company has had to take some bold steps to get where it is today. The company recently acquired the photo sharing service Instagram for a massive price, which surprised us all. And then there were talks of the company purchasing the incredibly popular cross platform instant messaging application, Whatsapp. Although most of it seemed to be false, there is now strong evidence that Facebook is indeed trying to step into the instant messaging arena, where apps like Whatsapp and KIK are widely popular. Facebook has its very own IM app in the form of Facebook Messenger which lets users chat with their buddies on Facebook, it however requires the user to have a Facebook account.

But Facebook has now removed that limitation by making Facebook Messenger available to all without having to type in their Facebook credentials. All a user needs is a phone number and the Facebook Messenger app on their Android smartphone. So this is pretty much like a clone of Whatsapp, but with a complete Facebook feel to it. It will retain all the features of the old Facebook Messenger app, albeit in a new avatar. This new version of Facebook Messenger is available only for Android devices right now and only in selected locations. So basically, instead of sharing all your details with the person on the other end, Facebook Messenger will only ask for your name and a working cellphone number. Pretty cool, right? It however seems pretty mundane that Facebook Messenger doesn’t require Facebook access. But I don’t think the Facebook team is all too worried about that.

This new feature could certainly go a long way in making Facebook Messenger more popular among the masses. But we fear that the limited availability might hinder the success of the new app. It is hoped that Facebook will roll out the same update to other mobile platforms as well. Obviously, the new Facebook Messenger probably won’t reach out to as many users as Whatsapp does. This is because Whatsapp supports a wide range of mobile platforms and is pretty well set in the industry. Also, the thing about Facebook Messenger is that people use it only to connect with their Facebook friends. So it could be somewhat of a hindrance to expect people to instantly take a liking to this new look Facebook Messenger app. And as we already mentioned, the Facebook team must expand the reach of this app beyond Android. Let’s see if that happens anytime soon. In the meantime, if your Android device has received the said update, let us know how you like it.

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  1. FB i don’t want you sniffing all my messages too so a big no to ur app. I’m very much happy with a whatsapp alternative. I do see people from many countries don’t find it in play store the reason is its under scheduled global roll out. But i can bet its the best & secured alternative to whatsapp

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