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Budget-friendly Jelly Bean-powered Onda V927 slate with quad-core CPU announced in China

An Onda V927 Tablet started selling in China a couple of days ago. While many local manufacturers are currently offering slates with decent specs, Onda Tablet is getting a better treatment because it comes packed with a powerful quad-core processor and 9.7-inch Retina-like display for only $240. It is most likely to be sold exclusively in the Chinese market, or at least, that’s what people are saying about it for now. When marketed in the United States, Onda V927 may just pose a better competition against the recently released Nexus 10 and Apple’s New iPad with Retina display. Here’s why:

Display. Onda V927 Tablet sports a 9.7-inch display panel that features 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution just like New iPad’s. Apple may have used a better technology to give its tablet better and more vivid display but as far as resolution is concerned, Onda V927 may have what it takes to compete. On the other hand, Google Nexus 10 still claims the lead in this sector with its 10.05-inch display and 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution.

Processor. Both Nexus 10 and the New iPad come with dual-core processors; Google used Samsung’s Exynos 5 with ARM Mali-T604 GPU while Apple used its own chipset. Onda V927 makes use of AllWinner A31 chipset with quad-core processor. It doesn’t really that it offers twice as much power as with the first two but there would be noticeable difference in the processing power especially when users are multi-tasking.

Battery. If there is one thing the manufacturer of Onda tablet fell short, it’s in the battery. Onda V927 only has 8000mAh while Nexus 10 and the New iPad have 9000mAh and 11,560mAh, respectively. Don’t get me wrong but a battery with 8000mAh is huge enough to power the device for several hours, however, if this device is not stable (if has lots of bugs and inconsistencies in its hardware and software), then the battery could drain faster.

These specs are enough to make this device as attractive as its competitors and the fact that it is being marketed at a price Google and Apple would not dare go down, it can easily flood the market and might become a more preferred device especially by people who are not really into buying branded gadgets. And yes, it comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box making it one of the few devices released this year with JB as its native OS. But would you buy one of these if it were sold in the US market?

[source: Onda]

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