Budget-friendly audio dock for the Google Nexus 7 may soon be released

Sacrificing the sound of the user’s handset just to achieve portability or functionality is a bit unacceptable. Many audio docks are now available in the market but majority of them are fairly expensive. Thus, the useless dock connector is one of the flaws that Google Nexus 7 is having.

A lot of customers who had hesitated to purchase the Galaxy Nexus 7 due to its audio dock connector issue. The long wait for Google Nexus 7 owners will soon be over. It seems that ASUS have successfully found a solution for this problem. Those who wants to buy the handset but hesitated before may now give it a second thought.

It has been unveiled by the ASUS Japan website that audio docking station, which is exclusively made for the Google Nexus 7, will be out in the market by the first week of January next year. This accessory has a USB port with 3.5mm jack and the handset plugs in a landscape orientation into the dock.

Unlike any other audio docks, Google Nexus 7’s audio docking station is less expensive. Customers won’t end up paying hundreds of dollars just to have this accessory. For the amount of $41 USD, everyone can enjoy the features audio docking station offers. This will also be available to Japanese customers for 3,480 yen.

But of course, one has to have Google Nexus 7 before purchasing the audio dock. It makes no sense to buy the accessory without having the handset though.

The 16GB model, the 32GB model and the 32GB Wi-Fi/cellular version of Galaxy Nexus 7 are still available in the Google Play Store and are ready to ship in three to five days.

Google Play Store has not yet confirmed if they will be having dock accessory available in their market, but there is a big possibility that it is the very thing ASUS and Google will do.

Whichever stores the audio dock station will be made available does not matter at all. What matters the most is that ASUS has now found a solution to one of the handset’s problems and enable the users to have an excellent audio experience through the line-out function.

There is no specific date as to when this Google Nexus 7 accessory will debut but since the information has already been leaked out, maybe we may be able to get one before the holidays.

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