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BlackBerry reigns supreme in developing nations, but for how long?

After US and most of the European countries, BlackBerry is predominant in the ostensible developing countries like Indonesia and Nigeria. Because of the lower price and lesser cost most of the people can afford to buy this. The BlackBerry now accounts for roughly 50 per cent of the rapidly growing smartphone market in Nigeria, the continent’s one of the most densely populated country and its second-largest economy after South Africa–where the BlackBerry is also the most popular smartphone among the people. Unlimited and unfettered internet access for just around 9 dollars, BBM is indeed a reason why people stay with the platform. Unlike the developed countries, the luxury of contract plans where handsets are expensive and high priced, so handsets like iphones or higher quality Android phones are uncommon among the folks. Unless the high cost of data issues and handset pricing isn’t solved Blackberry’s will still be popular and be the first choice among the people.

This has caused some serious problems in countries like Canada where the Canadian phone maker face stern troubles as their GDP and disposable income accelerates. There has been reports about the move the Samsung and Apple have made to exploit and to impose on this increased spending power, but BlackBerry has so far worsen the present scenario  with a series of comparatively low-cost devices.

The company has its own course of action to recapture and take back the high-end market all across the world to bolster and support its position elsewhere.BB10, is scheduled and planned make its launch in North America and Europe in the next month which is January, but it will also arrive and enter in the less-established markets simultaneously.

People strongly feel and think that Blackberry will definitely get some market share of high ends devices with BB10. It won’t be a Revolutionary platform, but will do enough to get them back in the game. Moreover   BBM serves as an excellent alternative to SMS, allowing for reduced costs for services.

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