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BlackBerry N-Series Smartphone X10 Leaks Again


The BlackBerry OS 10 smartphones are just around the corner, with an announcement scheduled for late next month. And it is obvious that we will see some bits of the new OS and the smartphones packing the OS. We recently saw the BlackBerry 10 L-Series smartphone leaked in a brief video showing off the features of the device, and a few days later we saw some detailed images of the device which revealed almost every hardware aspect of the smartphone. But as we all know, there’s another handset with BlackBerry 10 OS that is prepping launch. We are talking about the N-Series smartphone which packs the standard BlackBerry physical keyboard. We’ve seen some blurry images of this handset in the past, but now we’ve stumbled across another leak revealing the device in all its glory, courtesy of N4BB. This device is also known as the BlackBerry X10 in the rumor mill. The bigger touchscreen sibling is known as the BlackBerry Z10, so it’s easy to keep track. These are clear pictures unlike what we’ve seen of the device before which is very welcome.

The pictures reveal the back and the front of the device, and shows us exactly how big the keyboard as well as the display is. The back pretty much looks like your standard BlackBerry smartphone, but it’s the front where all the action happens, so we don’t mind how the back is designed. The keyboard looks pretty comfortable to type on and they’re not stuck together like most physical keyboards, and there’s sufficient gap between rows. This is very reminiscent to what we saw in BlackBerry 7 smartphones, and we could understand why RIM wouldn’t want to change that. The display is pretty lengthy, which means we could be dealing with a tall unit here.


There’s no word on how exactly the N-Series smartphone or X10 will be different from the L-Series BlackBerry 10 device in terms of software customization. Since they feature two different form factors, we can expect RIM to utilize the QWERTY keyboard to good effect. Let’s see what we have in store on January 30th when the company takes the wraps off its new OS and smartphones. BlackBerry loyalists have been waiting to get this smartphone for a long time now, so it is hoped RIM would live up to all the hype and anticipation.

Source: N4BB
Via: GSM Arena

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