BlackBerry 10 OS Will Have 70,000 Apps At Launch Says RIM


RIM’s BlackBerry 10 OS is slated for a big announcement on January 30, with press invites being sent yesterday. It is now all up to RIM to impress customers with its new offering. And one of the key factors for a new customer when upgrading a smartphone or perhaps getting a new one is app availability. While some users could care less about the number of apps on a platform, a majority of smartphone users consider app availability to be a vital feature of a mobile platform. And in order to impress such customers, RIM has come out with a word that the platform will have over 70,000 apps in time for the launch of the smartphone/OS. The CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of the company, Frank Boulben, sounded pretty optimistic about applications designed to work on BB 10. One might expect things like this to come from the CMO as these are the key people responsible for marketing the new platform. He stated in an interview that RIM could be on its way to making one of the greatest comebacks in tech history. That’s the kind of optimism you expect from a struggling company, especially considering the fact that this is a make or break kind of a thing for RIM. Boulben was also particularly optimistic of BB10’s browser, claiming it to be one of the best out there.

RIM has rightly decided to give celebrities early glimpses of the platform and has already seen quite a few fans. This is a good strategy by RIM and one which could go a long way in proving the platform’s mettle in an increasingly competitive market. The idea basically is to get as many people excited about this new offering from RIM as possible. Many people have already begun counting down to the January 30 event and there’s still no shortage of loyal BB users out there. What’s to be seen though, is if RIM will actually manage to convert all the hype and expectations into actual sales figures. The platform already has all the essential apps which would be accessed by most around the world, so it isn’t bad at all. It won’t be wrong to compare RIM’s revival with Microsoft’s when it launched Windows Phone 7. Although Windows Phone is still not seeing the kind of market share it would have expected, it has come a long way since its inception.

70,000 apps for a new platform is more than enough to be honest. And you’ve already got Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc so I guess RIM doesn’t have a lot to worry about when it comes to apps, as of now at least. So everything will heavily depend on the Jan 30 event, which could potentially decide the fate of the company (as we’ve been constantly saying). People are expecting something big from the company, and let’s hope the company lives up to all these expectations.

Source: Mobile Syrup
Via: Phone Arena