Beach Buggy Blitz Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price; Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Beach Buggy Blitz is similar to Mario Kart, but at the same time it has its very own unique gameplay. There is no racing against your opponents as everything is based on how much distance you can get, so there really isn’t any winning or losing. Competition is always fun in racing-based games, but Beach Buggy Blitz offers a unique style of gameplay where you’re racing against the clock and trying to earn coins. Each race you’re trying to beat the record or “high-score” you got in the last race. Earning coins make this game especially fun, but I don’t think that is where the appeal stops. Beach Buggy Blitz offers some extremely rich graphics, specifically on the Galaxy Note II. Not only are the graphics very detailed, but the art style that was brought into the game is simply amazing. The animation alone reminds you of Mario Kart a lot, albeit the gameplay is not the same.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing through Beach Buggy Blitz not only because of the art style, but because the controls weren’t clunky like a lot of other racing games out there. There are three control options, the first will allow you to use the screen to control your buggy, the second will allow you to tilt the device to the left and right to control your buggy and the third will allow you to use a game controller to control you buggy, albeit game controllers for the Note II are on the expensive side of things.

Earning coins in Beach Buggy Blitz is probably one of the most awesome features in the game simply because of how unique the different car types and characters are. I love having the ability to take 5,000 coins and go spend it on a new character with a pumpkin head along with a hot rod car like a Lamborghini or a dune racer and etc. Beach Buggy Blitz does not just offer customization for your racer/character or your cars, but they also offer you the ability to buy different power-ups, which turn out to be extremely helpful due to Beach Buggy Blitz being a race against the time type of game. You can have power-ups like speed boosts, coin magnets, coin bubbles and etc– they’re all there to help you reach beating you record time.

Overall Beach Buggy Blitz is a fantastic game, especially on the Galaxy Note II (the screen the device has makes the game look stunning). Regardless of this being a fantastic game, it still has things that almost feel like they should be there but aren’t. I would personally like to see options for circuit racing as opposed to just racing against the clock. It was add a lot more replayability to the game and may even give it a boost in popularity simply because of the replayability the game would have.

Regardless, Beach Buggy Blitz is a great game, and you can grab it for free off of the Play Store or even iTunes.


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