Baidu Cloudphone Official Announcement This December 21

Baidu, a Chinese company that mainly provides a Chinese language search engine, has plans of entering the lucrative smartphone market. Rumors that the company will be releasing a smartphone go way back to two years ago with nothing solid coming out until now. The search giant made an announcement recently that they will be hosting a special online conference this coming December 21 to unveil their upcoming device.

The Baidu Cloudphone (not its official name yet) is said to be unique since it will be a 100% Internet Phone. We are still not sure what this means until we get to know its features. Since the word cloud is being used then most probably it will rely on a constant data connection for it to operate.

Baidu has teamed up with China Telecom (where the device will operate) and a yet unknown hardware manufacturer as well as a third party software developer to come up with their device. What we do know as of now is that it will be running Baidu’s own operating system which is based on the Android platform.  Some of its rumored specifications include a 4.5 inch display with 540×960 pixels and a dual core 1.2 GHz processor. It will come in three colors namely red, black and white.

During the online conference the company will give detailed information regarding their upcoming device. The price, specifications and release date will be known by then.

Judging from what we know initially the Cloudphone has pretty much a mid-level specification. Since it’s going to run on China Telecom this means that it could be subsidized to subscribers and will be priced affordably.

We still don’t know if this device will only be available in China or will also be marketed overseas. One thing we are definitely sure though, if it’s going to be an Internet phone then it’s going to need a data connection.

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