Apple’s ‘949 Multitouch Patent Declared Invalid By The USPTO

The United States Patent and Trade Office has made a preliminary ruling that U.S. Patent No. 7,479,949 is invalid on all twenty of its points. This patent is very key to Apple, as it is what they’ve based all of their multitouch infringement lawsuits around. Aside from that, it’s probably a patent that should of never been granted, or at least it should of been subject to FRAND law.

This patent specifically is also one of the patents that Apple asserted against Motorola Mobility in a lawsuit that was taken off the shelf back in June. This case was dismissed because a federal judge stated that the patent in question was invalid, in his opinion (obviously it was contrary to Apple’s opinion). This latest preliminary ruling shows that the USPTO may just agree with the federal judge on this matter, which I’m sure we can all be happy about in some way or another.

Granted, you shouldn’t get that excited over this just yet, as the USPTO could very well validate this patent as it goes higher up the hierarchy. There’s no doubt that there will be some sort of confusion or even government officials thinking that they know better than the actual experts.

source: Android Central

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