Apple TV Likely To Get Bluetooth Support in Next Update: Gaming and Siri Could Follow

According to 9t05Mac Apple has announced a new feature for existing Apple TV second and third generation hardware in its latest beta software for those devices. The registered developers tested the beta for Apple TV and concluded that right now it adds Bluetooth support to Apple’s set top streamer and makes it possible and easier to pair keyboards to the device for facile entry of text and streamline navigation. Possibly gamers could be a group that especially benefit from the changes as it could open the doors for much more to ensue.


Furthermore the addition of Bluetooth support is significant and exceptional as it doesn’t require any changes to hardware.  It appears that this is just the activation of a latent ability present in existing Apple TV units. Formerly, for user input Apple TVs could use either Apple remotes, universal IR devices, or paired iOS hardware with the Remote app installed. Now Users with the beta running on their devices declare that they can pair any Bluetooth keyboard and navigate using arrow keys. In addition to this type entries into any text field can be achieved. Because it allows for much easier search, especially with small, media center-targeted hardware keyboards like Logitech’s diNovo Mini, this is quite beneficial and propitious.

Whether Apple wants to open up the platform to software beyond the limited offerings it provides now with specific partners or not is not yet answered. A full-features app store could provide a wealth of games to the Apple TV, outside the limits of what’s available through AirPlay mirroring with iOS devices. The most likely thing to happen is that having Bluetooth input device support becomes not just a nice convenience, but also a potential killer characteristic for an iOS-powered home gaming console. Already, iOS titles are making a lot of effort in this regard. They are approaching console quality and just imagine if they could be made available to a $99 streaming device too, then what could be more impressive and awe-inspiring

For the time being it seems like only keyboards are allowed to connect to the Apple TV, but addition of Bluetooth could also allow for the introduction of A2DP audio accessories as well. Apple’s living room presence has been expanded by content partnerships that bring live television and cable content into the platform. At the same time delivering an experience that supports a variety of control inputs. Apple is already making strategies to corroborate with hardware rather than saving it for further devices.

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