Apple iPhone 6: An Android User’s Wishlist

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As a Note II user, I often look at the iPhone wondering what it is actually worth anymore. iOS hasn’t changed a whole lot since the release of the iPhone 4. After using Android and watching it constantly evolve, iOS seems like its not worth the switch. Granted, the iPhone was not designed to be appealing to everyone. As an avid Android user though, this is what would get me interested in iOS:

Larger Screen Size

I know, I know. You are probably thinking, “oh, not this argument again!” Bear with me though. Apple does not necessarily need to increase the display size of the iPhone, but it would be great to see the company create another variant of the iPhone with a larger display. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note II is a larger version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, I really would like to see an Note-like iPhone device. I — and many others — are getting used to larger displays on our smartphones if not preferring it and downgrading to a smaller screen almost feels like a chore. Granted, I don’t want Apple copying Samsung or LG, but it would be phenomenal to see Apple bring a larger display into the mix.

Oh and no, I’m not talking about increasing the height of the iPhone anymore, but width too!

A Redesigned UI

The UI on the iPhone feels dull and boring. Granted, Android’s UI also gets boring, but redesigns every so often and the ability to add widgets keeps it refreshing, especially when you are given the power of full customization over widgets (e.g. HD Widgets and Beautiful Widgets). There is no such thing as a perfect UI, but I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing something more refreshed.


I’m going out on a leg here, but I would almost say that it would be good if Apple made the iPhone more open to the development community. Yes, their operating system has been closed off for years, which is what makes it different from Android. At the same time though, they could appeal to a lot of customers by letting the development community at the smartphone. Granted, with how bad Apple’s reputation is with Android users, I could see this eventually backfiring on them. If that were not an issue though, I would love to see more openness in the iPhone. Imagine a CyanogenMod version of iOS! I think that would be really sweet to see (I can almost imagine avid iPhone users cringing at the thought)!

And who knows, Apple could even find themselves hiring a really smart guy out of the development community.

Better Google Support

I honestly want to see more of Google on the iPhone (and more Apple on Android as well). Google — for just about everybody — is essentially integrated into our lives. Think about it for a second. A large majority of people are constantly relying on Google Maps to get them around or are relying on Gmail to read their emails. Some are even relying on YouTube to be their main source of entertainment. Google has some very successful products and for Apple to not allow certain apps on their is ridiculous. If Google does not want to put their apps on iOS, that seems a bit ridiculous as well. Sure Android is widely successful, but would Google not want more and more people to use their own apps like YouTube?

Now, a lot of Google’s apps are already on iOS, but I would like to see better support. Currently, Google Docs on iOS feels half-baked. And yes, while Apple hasn’t kicked Google off of their platform, I never want to see them do that as earlier rumors have suggested in the past (this was before Apple launched iOS 6).

That’s my wishlist for the iPhone 6. I’m an avid Android user, and iOS in its current state does not interest me. As an avid Android user, the above is what would get me interested in iOS. Like I said in the beginning though, iOS was not made to appeal to everyone and neither was Android.

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