Apple iPhone 5S rumors and speculations

Rumors are among the things that made Apple iPhone 5 so popular even before it was release a little over 3 months ago. While the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech titan has yet to ship its newest smartphone to more countries, new rumors about Apple iPhone 5S started to sprout and it’s getting bigger and bigger each day.

Some of iPhone 5S rumors and speculations are just too good to be true but some seem realistic. In fact, the device itself is the fruit of speculations that Apple, in its bid to dominate in the mobile market, needs to release yet another iPhone model that would bring incremental upgrades to iPhone 5. Here are the rumors roaming around the web today.

iPhone 5S Release Date

Some “unnamed sources” allegedly leaked to some media people that Apple may start the production of iPhone 5S as early as next month. It is allegedly planning to release it in the first quarter of 2013. The company is said to break its tradition of releasing new devices in the 3rd quarter of each year. This led to speculations that iPhone 5 is not doing good in terms of sales in the current market.

iPhone 5S IGZO Display from Sharp

Apple has reportedly started asking questions about Sharp’s IGZO display technology. According to “industry sources” there is a great possibility it is the technology Apple will use for its next-generation devices because not only does IGZO comes with a thin panel, it is also power-efficient; qualities that the company wanted to put into its devices. This rumor sounds more legit than others knowing Sharp shifted its focus to developing IGZO panels for mobile devices following three quarters of great financial losses.

iPhone 5S Wireless Charging feature

One of the reasons why Apple does not stuff its devices with all the goodies that can be found in other devices is because it leaves a room for upgrades. This is also one factor why many Apple fans and iOS device owners would want to trade their old devices in with new ones. The next generation iPhone will feature wireless charging, according to speculations. This speculation is supported by Apple’s Wireless Power Utilization patent application last month.

iPhone 5S Software

It is Apple’s tradition to bundle its new operating system and features with its new devices. Most likely, if 5S were true, it would come running iOS 7, which is believed to come with additional Passbook option, better Siri integration, and enhancements to its controversial Maps app.

iPhone 5 Mini

The release of iPad Mini paved a way to speculations that Apple may be planning to release iPhone 5 Mini, instead of the 5S, to go after emerging markets. Basically, some people believe the company needs to release a much cheaper device to dominate in the market that widely dominated by budget-friendly Android devices. However, it seems unlikely for Apple to offer its new device at a lower price just to go after Chinese and Indian markets.

The Bottom Line

These rumors are still starting to build up. A few of them might have been based on facts but majority are mere speculations. They should be taken with a pinch of salt until Apple confirms them or releases official statement about the device it plans to build for 2013.

[source: Tech Radar | image: GizMag]

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