Android Holiday Gift Guide 2012 [Part 2]

Here is part 2 of our Android-themed holiday gift guide! Are you strictly looking for off-contract Samsung-manufactured phones to get the Android lover in your life? We’ve got new and old phones listed below that are semi-cheap and are still great tech-wise! Check the list out!

Samsung Galaxy Nexus


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus may be so last year, but this device is still pretty good for its pricing. Not to mention it is jam packed with features just like the Nexus 4. Albeit not the same features as the Nexus 4, you can still find a few useful features like Android Beam (NFC connectivity) and Photo Sphere, as the device is also running on the latest version of Android (4.2). The device’s battery is a bit lacking coming in at a mere 1850 mAh, but it does have a 4.65-inch display, which is only a tad smaller than the Nexus 4’s 4.7-inch display. The only huge thing you’re going to be missing out on here is wireless charging and a few Nexus 4-specific features.

In most cases the device will set you back $200 – $400, but can be found on Amazon, e-Bay and other online retailers.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update

There is doubt that this is quite an expensive smartphone off-contract. Sitting at $570 off-contract on Amazon. The device is essentially the Galaxy Note II’s little brother. The only massive difference is the fact that it has a smaller screen size. Those who don’t like the smaller screen size will have to pay $699 for an off-contract Galaxy Note 2. The Galaxy S III works just fine though, and has proven to be one of the best smartphones out there, as 30+ million devices have been shipped.

You can get this bad boy off of Amazon. That number does not include shipping prices. If you really want to, the device can be bought at carriers on-contract. That defeats the purpose of a off-contract device though.

Samsung Galaxy S II


This is definitely a smartphone you shouldn’t be getting if you’re able to grab the S III, but this little guy does pack a punch. Albeit a smaller display size, the smartphone is touting a 1.2GHz CPU and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (with Jelly Bean on its way). The camera features are definitely not as good as the Galaxy S III’s, but they are not something to be looked down upon. You can grab this little guy on Amazon or even e-Bay. You could also head over to a carrier to purchase the device off-contract, albeit that is the more expensive option.

Samsung is a great manufacturer when it comes to Android-based devices. While it’s not stock Android like you would find a a Nexus device the TouchWiz UI is an extremely nice skin. Aside from that, Samsung makes good quality devices whether it be a Nexus device or not.

Are you going to be getting the Android lover in your life one of these devices? Do you have any suggestions as to what else should be added to the list? Leave a comments below!