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Analyst Claims 2nd Gen iPad Mini Could Go Into Production Earlier Than Expected


There are plenty of theories on the success/failure of the new Apple iPad Mini. Many claim that the iPad Mini has finally managed to make a dent on Google’s budget tablet marketshare while some say it has failed to do so. Whatever the reality, we cannot deny the fact that the iPad Mini has certainly given users one more choice at a budget ranged tablet. However, it seems like Apple wants to move on to the second iteration of the tablet as quickly as possible according to an analyst named Doug Freedman from RBC Capital Markets. The analyst did a fair bit of research on the topic by getting in touch with the suppliers of the iPad Mini components and came to a conclusion that Apple could be hurrying to get the 2nd gen iPad Mini into production. The iPad Mini isn’t a high spec’d device, unlike most new Apple products in the market. And this was solely to cut costs, and it didn’t matter much as the device was a budget tablet anyways. But some people were a little let down by the poor pixel density of the iPad Mini in comparison to the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD (which are smaller in size). So it is very likely that Apple would want to make the new iPad Mini a little more appealing when it comes to the display at least. Not sure if Apple will be able to sell the Retina Display iPad Mini at the same price, but it will certainly influence a lot of new buyers.

The analyst also claims in his report that the next gen iPad Mini could feature components from Texas Instruments, which seems very likely as Apple is eager to shy away from Samsung as the manufacturer of its A-series chips. Previously, it was reported that TSMC could be replacing Samsung to produce A-series chips in 2013. So there’s no clear word on that yet. As Phone Arena rightly suggests, it is rather strange that murmurs of a second gen iPad Mini are already floating when the tablet hasn’t even been launched everywhere. Irrespective of the outcome, we should see Apple getting a tough fight from Android tablet manufacturers in the coming days. Whether the iPad Mini is a success or not is for Apple to clarify. We won’t jump to conclusions until we have the sales figures.

The whole talk about Retina Displays seem to be blown out of proportion. Retina Display or not, people would want a crisp display on a tablet, and it seems like Apple is falling prey to its own marketing gimmick which was set off with the iPhone 4. Wonder what HTC would call the display of the J Butterfly and the Droid DNA which has a pixel density of 440ppi despite being substantially bigger than the iPhone. The bigger the tablet, the lower the pixel density, as there’s more screen real estate. So something which isn’t too pixelated should be considered fine, especially in the budget segment.

Source: Apple Insider
Via: Phone Arena

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