Acer, Asus Will No Longer Make Netbooks In 2013

The days of the netbooks are slowly coming to an end as the last two manufacturers have already announced that they will no longer be making this line of computing devices this  2013. Asus and Acer are the two remaining manufacturers still making netbooks as Samsung, HP and Dell have already dropped this line and concentrated on tablets.


Asus said that they will no longer be producing the EeePC line starting January 1 ending the 5 year existence of this line. The very first netbook was an EeePC 701 which had a 7 inch display at 800×480 resolutions, 4 GB of SSD storage space and used a 900 MHz Celeron processor. The company has in fact already dropped the EeePC brand since middle of 2012.

Acer on the other hand has not released any new models for quite some time now.

Netbooks however will still be sold continuously by both companies until the existing inventory is consumed. Sales are still strong in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and South America where its low price is its main selling point.

Due to the portability and cheap price of this device it became popular back in 2007 that other manufacturers began making their own versions.  From 7 inches the screen size was bumped up to 10 inches on other models. One common feature among these various models is that they are using an Intel Atom processor.

Intel has no plans of ceasing production of their Atom processors despite the fact that netbooks are about to become extinct. The company has plans to introduce this energy efficient processor in mobile devices and set top boxes. Currently, there are Atom processor models that are used in servers.

The demise of netbooks is primarily caused by the popularity of tablets nowadays. These touch based devices have longer battery life, are portable and are even more powerful compared to netbooks.

via guardian