94 Seconds Review


Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

94 Seconds is an app that tests how fast you can think of a word, given a particular category and its initial letter. For instance, it asks for a mammal that starts with the letter K. You type in the word, and move on to the next prompt. Each round lasts only 94 seconds, thus the name. Before the round is over, you have to answer as many of the prompts as you can to earn a high score. The game gives you one point per correct answer, and an extra point if your answer is difficult or not quite common. If you’re stumped, however, you can skip to the next prompt, but three points will be taken off your score. The same number of points will be deducted if you give an incorrect answer. There are 15 categories available at present, including Fruit, Vegetable, Clothing, Sports, Periodic Table Element, Color, and U.S. State, and the developer promises more in the future. At the end of each round, you can check your answers, and get suggestions for prompts that you did not have answers for. An orange button with a jester’s hat called Joker shows you a correct answer for the prompt. There is also a Crystal Ball Joker button which reveals the next letter and category, buying you some time to think. You can gain free Jokers by installing other apps that are suggested by 94 Seconds.

This is one of the games that I was surprised to have liked. The concept is very simple, but the time limit and the prompts recently have not failed to pull me out of my boredom. It gets frustrating at times, however, when the game does not accept an answer that I gave, but there is always an option to suggest the word so that the developer may perhaps include it as one of the answers that the app recognizes. Another thing I don’t like about the app is that it repeats prompts quite often. Thus, if you have been playing the game for some time, you would have ready answers to some of the prompts, making the game less challenging.

There is also a feature called Top which shows you your playing statistics. This is useful if you want to track your performance or compare it with others. Of course, those who like social gaming can use the app to play with friends on Facebook, but this is something I have never been interested in.

All in all, I would say that there 94 Seconds still has some room for improvement, mainly in accepting answers and giving more varied prompts. But if all you’re looking for is a game to get you thinking fast, this is definitely worth downloading.

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