8GB Nexus 4 Sold Out In The UK And Germany…Again


As we predicted yesterday, the second batch of stock for the Nexus 4 didn’t last that long. Less than a day ago, Google sent out notifications saying that they had a new batch of Nexus 4 stock for everyone to try and get their hands on. The 8 gig model didn’t last that long, as it is indeed sold out in both the United Kingdom and Germany. The delivery window even changed from 4-5 weeks to 5-6 weeks. Of course, this is frustrating news for those who still haven’t gotten their hands on Google’s new Nexus device yet.

The good news is that the 16 gig model is still available to purchase. The only problem is that buyers will be waiting a good 5-6 weeks before the device arrives in the United Kingdom and Germany. It’s very likely that orders placed today will arrive sometime in January, perhaps even later. I think we can all agree that this continues to be quite a nightmare of a launch from Google. Hopefully things will improve when the next round of stock becomes available…maybe.

Do you think that the wait for the Nexus 4 is really worth it? We probably won’t be seeing an abundance of stock for consumers to purchase for some time now. Are you one of the many people that tried to order a Nexus 4? Let us know how your experience was with the process in the comments.

source: android central

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