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88% of the People Who Took The Meet Your Match Challenge Would Opt For Windows Phone Says Microsoft


Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 wasn’t doing all that well when it was first launched. People weren’t too much in favor of the change in UI and there were a few other niggles with the platform. And then came Nokia, which brought a lot of promise to the table. Right about then, Microsoft decided to take marketing up a notch and started the “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge. Nokia also joined in on the fun with the “Blown Away by Lumia” campaign. The idea basically was to educate random users about the advantages of Windows Phone and conduct tests against the phones in their pockets. This campaign was mostly a success except in a few cases.

After Windows Phone 8 was launched, Microsoft reintroduced the campaign and called it “Meet Your Match”. This campaign, according to Ben Rudolph a.k.a The PC Guy, has managed to impress customers so much that in a survey conducted among users who took the challenge, 88% felt that Windows Phone was better than what they had with them. This is something Microsoft likes to brag and rightly so. The accuracy of the claims however, is in question. This is much better than MS’ Scroogled and the #DroidRage debacle on Twitter.

It’s not news to us that this campaign relies heavily on the positive points of Windows Phone and doesn’t necessarily highlight the downsides of the platform. This isn’t a bad thing as every company does this in its own sweet way. The Windows Phone gang has now asked us to brace ourselves as it is preparing to launch the campaign on a much wider scale. So expect to find Ben Rudolph himself or other Microsoft volunteers to follow you around in malls urging you to take the challenge. We’re not sure if everyone agrees with what Microsoft/Windows Phone team has to say. But we should know if their words hold any substance once the sales figures for Q4 are out. As of now, it seems like the Lumias are doing fairly well in the market. And in places where the Lumias aren’t available, it’s the HTC 8S and 8X. The recently launched Samsung Ativ S should make some noise too this holiday season. It’s going to be very tough for Microsoft though, especially with BlackBerry 10 emerging from the ground up in January. Microsoft has also been very kind to the customers by offering them free phones to bring them towards the WP team. Have you been impressed by Windows Phone 8 and what the OEMs have to offer with it?

Source: Windows Phone Blog
Via: Phone Arena

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