3 Hilarious iPhone Related Videos From Kimmel, Ellen, Fallon

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For those of you with short attention span, here’s a few short clips that should draw a few lighthearted laughter.

Jimmy Kimmel’s iPhone 5 First Look

Classic Kimmel clip interviewing people on the street about the iPhone 5 before it was released.  Hope we see another clip like this when the iPhone 6 release date nears!

Disable Autocorrect On Your iPhone!

Ellen had a few great segments showing some funny iPhone autocorrect fails.

To avoid these mistakes, I would recommend turning off autocorrect on your phone!  I personally found it more annoying than helpful most of the time.  If you would like to  disable Autocorrect on your iPhone, follow these quick steps.

1) Settings

2) General

3) Keyword

4) Auto-Correction –> Off!

Poor Siri

Siri has been picked on since being unveiled in the iPhone 4s.  It has been written off as a novelty for many people. Here’s a short clip on Jimmy Fallon’s show that pretty much sums up how Siri’s existence has been ridiculed.

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