Xperia S Pulled From AOSP, Google Pulled The Plug

As we should all be aware due to the excitement and anticipation, Sony’s Xperia S was recently nominated as a target device in AOSP, which has essentially turned it into an indirect Nexus device. Keep in mind that it wasn’t an official target, but it was definitely a good option for those that were wanting to tinker around. It was a large step for both Sony and Google, and was also a good step in the right direction for Android manufactures as well. And while it was great while it lasted, Google has pulled the plug on the Xperia S, so the device is no longer in AOSP. Fortunately, there is still some good news to be had with this device.

As with everything, there has been a lot of speculation as to why Google pulled the plug, but Sony has responded and said that Google just does not have the time and resources to devote to a non-Nexus device. Of course, that is very believable with all of their new Nexus stuff on the way to consumers, but there is a bit more to the story than what is being told. While Sony has released the binaries for the Xperia S, they seemed to have left out specific parts of the Xperia S, so it is very unusable in its current state. This is definitely a good reason to pull any device from AOSP. As I said earlier though, there is some good news to be had with this device. Sony has every intention to keep this project alive on Sony’s GitHub space. So, if you are wanting to tinker around with Android 4.1, then you may just be in luck! Android 4.1 isn’t on a whole lot of devices right now, so it’s really not a huge deal despite Android 4.2 coming to the table.

Sony has always done a great job at embracing developers and enthusiast communities compared to many other manufacturers out there, and this small journey through AOSP was no exception to that. While it is sad to see Google pull the plug on this guy, there are probably some really good reasons and other factors that are keeping Sony from releasing the very necessary binary files. Whatever the case, I personally hope that this won’t be the last non-Nexus device to follow in the Xperia S’ footsteps. It would be great to see Google work on some other devices out there. Of course, with them saying they don’t have the time and resources right now, I doubt that they will be picking up another one for a while now. And if they do pick up another one, I’m afraid that we might see the same situation with the binaries, except worse since Sony is really the only company that has support devs so much.

Are you said to see the Xperia S get pulled from AOSP? Were you looking forward to a fully functional non-Nexus device? Are you going to continue tinkering with the Xperia S? Sound off in the comments below!

source: Talk Android


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