XCom Global Offering Up Nexus 10 And Nexus 7 For Rent

The Nexus 7 is probably the most successful Android tablet to this date. Not only that, but it is extremely cheap too at $199. Now, lets say that you want to take your Nexus 7 with you on your travels to another country. You will probably take your tablet with you, but what if you wanted to leave that piece of technology at home? On the other hand, maybe you want to try out a new Nexus 10 device on your travels. I have good news for you then. XCom Global, the company that can offer you Mifi service in 170 countries worldwide, is starting to offer Nexus 7 tablets for $1 a day on rental. Keep in mind that $1 a day is the introductory price, costs will eventual bump up to $2 a day for the Nexus 7. If you’re wanting to take a shot at the Nexus 10, you’ll find yourself paying $3 a day. Of course, these prices will often beat paying for International roaming services!

source: Android Central

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