Xbox SmartGlass App Updated, Support For 7-Inch Tablets Included

A lot of people who are power users of the Xbox console were excited to get their hands on the Xbox app for Android. Users were quick to realize that the app was available only on their smartphones, which was a disappointment to those who owned tablets and would much rather use that at home. Good news for tablet users though, Microsoft has released an update to address a lot of the complains on the SmartGlass app. This time around, the company has added support for 7-inch tablets.  No more fiddling around with the Xbox SmarGlass app on such a small phone screen!

While the big part of the update might have been added support for 7-inch tablets, this update also fixes a few bugs and crashes. It’s great to see Microsoft constantly trying to improve this app, there are a lot of users who love the ability to remotely control their Xbox’s, and with continuous updates like this, the app is surely to thrive! Man, I love it when someone makes a good quality app.

The update is currently available in the Play Store, so make sure to click the Play Store link below or just head on over to the Play Store via your smartphone!

How often you do you use the Xbox SmarGlass app? Has the app proved to be quite useful to you or is it just another cool tool to have? Have you tested the new 7-inch tablet functionality? How is it fairing for you?

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