Xbox Smartglass app now available for iOS gadgets

iPad and iPhone users can now get a taste of the new networking marvel as Smartglass has become available in Microsoft’s App Store.

Smartglass made its way to the digital store on November 6. The app lets a mobile device like an iPhone as the second screen  for the Xbox allowing a phone to be used to navigate the Xbox dashboard as well as control music and videos.

Smartglass also allows users to browse the internet. The mobile keyboard in an iOS device can also be used to  type something on the gaming console.  Swipe function on a phone or tablet can be used to navigate the screen on the Xbox. Users will also have options to play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast forward videos and music playing on the Xbox 360.

Smartglass app can allow users to continue watching movies or TV shows  on their mobile devices after watching them on the Xbox, or vice versa. Some games also tap Smartglass by allowing a player to use his or her iOS device to play a game while friends play the same game on the gaming console.

Smartglass offers some other functionalities like letting a user change their avatar, chat with friends, and edit their profiles for Xbox.

Smartglass is a free app but it needs a user to sign up to Xbox Live service. The Xbox console also has to run the latest available system update. Users must be signed in to their Xbox  Live account on their mobile device and to their console so both Xbox and mobile can talk to each other. This is important because if the console is signed in to another profile, a mobile  device will not let a user connect to the Xbox. This has been a common miss for early users of the Smartglass so far.

Connecting the console and a mobile device is a no-brainer. A Connect button is used to establish a connection assuming that both devices are signed in the same accounts. Once they are connected, the mobile can be used to navigate the dashboard of the console instead of using a standard Xbox controller. In general, using the device is easier than using a controller.

iOS devices could communicate with Xbox consoles in a limited way previously using the old My Xbox Live app but the Smartglass app is certainly a more wonderful upgrade.

source: cnet

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