Wreck-It Ralph Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

You’ve probably been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the success and popularity that Disney Pixar’s new film Wreck-it Ralph has been getting. When something becomes fairly successful, almost every large company wants to expand the brand to games, toys and etc. Disney is no excuse to that. That said, the company has just released their Wreck-it Ralph game on Google Play the other day. Seeing the film twice now, I couldn’t resist not purchasing it. It was a good purchase as well, as I personally think this is one of Disney’s better Android games.

Wreck-It Ralph is a game with four different games inside it. The first game is Fix-It Felix Jr. If you’ve seen the movie, you know exactly what this is. If you haven’t, it’s an arcade-based game where Ralph destroys the hotel and you play as Fix-It Felix who has to — you guessed it — fix the destruction. The fun part of the game is racing against the clock to get the best score possible. Online leaderboards help a lot with re-playability as well. Of course, watching silly characters jump around everywhere is also fairly amusing. Overall, it was a fun game, but it definitely was your standard game you would play in an arcade.

The second game is Sugar Rush: Sweet Climber. In Sweet Climber you play as Ralph who jumps from candy cane to candy cane collecting sugary treats which ultimately get added to your overall score. Sometimes you won’t be able to reach a candy cane, so there are marshmallows which will float you up for a while, and there are also gum drops which are basically items that make you jump really high. It’s a fun game, but I feel that it lacks a lot of depth to it. I think they could have done better with it. It’s just one of those “okay” games.

The last game that is available to you is Hero’s Duty. This one is probably my favorite. It is a top-down shooter. To control your character, you use on-screen touch controls, which surprisingly, were rather smooth. You have a 0n-screen joystick for moving around, and you have an on-screen button for firing your weapon. Again, they are very smooth and cause little to no hassle. Hero’s Duty was my favorite out of all of the games available to you. Fighting off waves of enemies with your gun trying to get the best possible score is a rather thrilling experience, especially when you’re competing with the online leaderboards. I think one of the shortcomings that this game had was the fact that their was no voice acting in it. Adding some cool and cheeky one liners would have made it a lot more enjoyable to play. At this moment, it’s basically all action with little to no story. I guess their being no story was fine, but I would of expected a bit more since it was based off of the movie. Regardless, it was a fun experience and is — in my opinion — the best game in the Wreck-It Ralph App.

There is one last game, but it isn’t available yet. Disney says that it will be available in an upcoming free (from what I understand) update.

Overall, the game is very fun, and is definitely worth the $0.99 that they are asking for.

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