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WP8 Users Will be Able to Access Over 11 Million Wi-Fi Hotspots Globally


Windows Phone 8 comes with a lot of goodies under the hood. If smooth animations and improved live tiles doesn’t cut it for you, this new feature certainly will. According to Telecoms, Microsoft is partnering with a company called Devicescape which specializes in employing Wi-Fi hotspots in several locations worldwide (over 11 million) so as to limit/reduce the amount of mobile data usage. So how exactly will this partnership work you might think. Well, some Windows Phone 8 devices will come with a feature called DataSense which is a neat little onboard guide to conserve mobile data, a sort of a data manager if you can call it that.

So basically, DataSense will connect to these hotspots when available, helping users conserve mobile data in the process. Pretty cool right? Bear in mind, it’s a privilege limited to only a few Windows Phone 8 users, with Verizon supposed to be the first to bring it. Devicescape’s wide reach will certainly be a major factor in the success of this project, but Microsoft can only slowly roll out this particular feature in partnership with the local carriers in the country. Devicescape has most of its hotspots located in the U.S, so for the eager WP8 fans in parts of Asia, Europe and the rest of the world, this might not be particularly exciting news. Devicescape however would want to expand to more locations in the coming years.

Since Verizon will the first to bring DataSense, we should see it first with the Lumia 822 or the HTC 8X.  So if you plan on getting a WP8 device, this should certainly go on the Pros list. However, the feature isn’t without limitations. The authentication process still requires manually logging into the Wi-Fi hotspot, which could be a concern for people who are on the go. It is believed that Devicescape plans to make the procedure automatic to avoid any inconvenience, so it’s still a work in progress. There will be plenty of hurdles too which Microsoft and Devicescape will have to overcome in due time. Nevertheless, it’s a great initiative and something which Android OEMs should bring to the fore as well. This feature will be beneficial for people on limited data plans, who are conservative with their data usage. For people on unlimited data plans though, this shouldn’t make much of a difference. Windows Phone enthusiasts are on top of the world right now and rightly so. Would you like to see this feature brought to Android? It’s certainly not impossible.

Source: Telecoms
Via: Phone Arena

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