Windows Phone 8 Released Days After Windows 8 OS

Microsoft released its Windows Phone 8 operating system last week, just days after the release of its Windows 8 operating system for desktop and laptop computers, and tablets. The release, which took place in Israel, saw the CEO of the company, Steve Ballmer, give the keynote. In the keynote, he said that the Windows Phone operating system has been a small part of the smart phone population. But he thinks that is going to change soon when the products running Windows Phone 8 hit the markets around the world very soon.

“I expect the volumes on Windows Phone to really ramp quickly,” said Steve Ballmer at the launch event in Israel according to Reuters. The Redmond based operating system giant hopes to tie the Windows 8 operating system for computers with the Windows Phone 8 operating system for smart phones, and then tie the Xbox 360 gaming console to both of these devices. This will help the company produce a really solid ecosystem, just the way Apple and Android have done.

This year, with the launch of the Windows Phone 8 operating system, the company is expecting a lot to happen. Major smart phone manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics, Nokia, and HTC have entered the game, and these Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), are releasing really hot smart phones in the markets around the world. And Microsoft is waiting to play catch up with Google and Apple soon.

Steve Ballmer says that the Windows Phone 8 can be a very good contender for the third most used mobile operating system, with Google’s Android mobile operating system taking the first place, and followed by a very big in market share, Apple’s iOS operating system. To play catch up with Microsoft, the Canadian smart phone manufacturer, Research in Motion (RIM), is outing its new operating system BlackBerry 10, next year. So the competition for the third place is a bit difficult.

Source: CNET

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