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Windows Phone 7.8 Update Will Arrive Early Next Year Says Microsoft


Windows Phone 7.8 is the update Microsoft announced a few months ago for Windows Phone 7.5 users. While there’s very little info on the exact launch of the new update, one thought that it would make way shortly after the launch of Windows Phone 8 on a global level. However, even after the launch of WP8 devices in the market, Microsoft didn’t roll out the update to supported smartphones. But thankfully, there’s some clarification coming now from Microsoft with regards to the said update. If you were expecting to have the update by the end of this week or 2012, you’re in for disappointment as a new MS statement suggests that the update has been scheduled for early 2013. The delay in the roll out doesn’t surprise us, especially considering the fact that the platform has evolved now and people expect little support to come from Microsoft. The company gave out the details of the update in its official blog.

Microsoft also shed light on the features that are slated to arrive with the update. But there isn’t anything new in this department as we’ve already heard quite a lot about these features. The new live tiles and the ability to resize them, addition of a few new themes (20 including the ones already available) and security updates to Exchange are some of the features making its way to existing WP7 smartphones. Microsoft reps have been pretty excited about the new update which is being tested on the Nokia Lumia 900 as well as a few other WP7 smartphones. By just mentioning the “early 2013” time frame, Microsoft has failed to garner any excitement as an actual date would have made more sense.

Sadly, there is still no word on whether all WP7 smartphones will receive the update, which is not good news for legacy smartphone owners. Most of the devices in the U.S are bound by carrier limitations, so it could further take more time for the carriers to roll it out to their respective smartphones. A more efficient and streamlined update roll out process is expected by the users, let’s see if Microsoft and the carriers will deliver. Remember, this was supposed to be a consolation for WP7 users who aren’t eligible for the WP8 update due to hardware limitations and a change in kernel. People expect Microsoft to show a sense of urgency when it comes to supporting its loyal Windows Phone users.

Source: Microsoft
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