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Windows Phone 7.8 Features Leaked From a Nokia Presentation


Windows Phone 7.5 users have always been taken for granted. Especially the Nokia Lumia 900 owners who were in for shocking news just months after they got the phone. Shortly after the smartphone’s launch in the U.S, Microsoft announced the new Windows Phone 8 OS and also revealed that existing devices will not be supported. However, as a consolation the company was said to be working on Windows Phone 7.8 which would bring most of WP8’s cosmetic features to Windows Phone Mango users. Since then, information about WP7.8 have been in bits and pieces with no clear word on what will be new except the improved live tiles support. But now, thanks to Nokia, we might have learnt what users have in store with WP 7.8. A slide from the company’s presentation has leaked, revealing what’s new with the new update. Unfortunately, the slide is in Chinese, so it’s not possible for us to make out what’s exactly there. However, Chinese WP site has made it easier for us to understand what’s on board, albeit via translation.

Along with the ability to customize live tiles in three sizes, Windows Phone 7.8 will also bring twenty new themes apparently, just like Windows Phone 8. The slide also sheds some light on the improved start screen coming with the update. It is believed that users can finally customize MP3 files on the phone itself to make a ringtone instead of going through the painful process of editing a file and renaming its genre and then adding it to the phone via Zune. Users will also be able to add Bing Wallpapers to their lockscreen instead of one single picture, which is a great addition too. The slide also speaks of a few security updates made to the Internet Explorer browser. Some of these features actually leaked out a few days back, and Nokia’s leaked slide reaffirms its existence. These are merely the minor features we’re hearing of and it shouldn’t be long until Microsoft details what’s new with Windows Phone 7.8.

Users have been patiently waiting for the 7.8 update which is if they haven’t gotten a WP8 device or switched platforms altogether by now. Undoubtedly, Microsoft still wants to woo the existing Windows Phone users and WP 7.8 should be a great reward for their patience. However, it’s pretty much over after this as Microsoft would want to concentrate on WP8 going forward. Let’s hope WP users get to see the 7.8 update soon as Windows Phone 8 is already making its way to the market.

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Via: Phone Arena

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