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Windows Phone 7.8 Arriving in the Next Few Days According to Nokia (Asia Pacific)


Windows Phone 7.8 is believed to be a work in progress with no confirmed arrival date yet. While most of us were expecting it to make way sometime after the official launch of Windows Phone 8, there wasn’t much evidence to back that up. However, we might have an idea now as to when the update would be rolled out to Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones. Well, in a developer event held by Nokia and Microsoft at Singapore, where the main focus was on Windows Phone 8 development, a top Nokia Asia Pacific official told the attendees of the event that the update was Released to Manufacturing (RTM). He mentioned that the update should make way to WP7.5 smartphones within the next few days or weeks. There was some other info regarding the price of the Lumia 820 and the 920 in Singapore, which will apparently be announced on November 27.

Windows Phone 7.8 is a mystery to most Windows Phone users, so they’re not quite sure what’s new with it besides the cosmetic tweaks. The official clearly mentioned that Internet Explorer 10 which is the stock browser on WP8 will not make its way to older devices with WP7.8 since it requires better hardware. With so many limitations imposed on the manufacturers by Microsoft, it is hard to pin point the exact roll out date of the update. Nokia would obviously be the first to roll it out as it is best buddies with Microsoft right now. Companies like Samsung, HTC might have to act quickly to give their Windows Phone users something to smile about. Devices like the AT&T Samsung Focus and the HTC Radar are one of the most popular WP7 handsets out there, along with the barrage of Lumias of course. While WP7.8 is merely a consolation for the old users, it also reaffirms Microsoft’s long update cycle. It’s commendable really that Microsoft is still supporting the entire WP family. One would however feel that Microsoft waited too long to roll out the update. It would largely depend on the manufacturers and the carriers to roll out the update in time.

Windows Phone fans in Singapore have something to cheer about as the arrival of the Lumia 920 and the 820 is set for December. The device is also said to support 4G networks worldwide. The smartphone has seen a very limited release with only parts of Europe and the U.S getting it so far. A wider roll out is expected to happen by December.

Source: WM Poweruser

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