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Windows 8 Store Crosses 13,000 App Submissions


If you’re an early user of Windows 8, you would know that there aren’t many apps in the Windows Store (which is the app hub for Windows 8). But developers are gradually showing faith in the platform and have been submitting apps at a decent pace. In fact, at one point it peaked at about 500 app submissions a day, which is great for a new platform. And now a new milestone has been reached within a few days of the operating system’s official launch worldwide. The Windows Store now brags of over 13,000 apps for the Windows 8 platform, and the number seems to be steadily increasing. As of now, the Windows Store is seeing app submissions of about 362 per day which isn’t bad either. Microsoft will be looking to attract more developers into writing apps for the platform with some decent revenue sharing plans. As with any operating system, the developers have to be comfortable with the revenue their apps generate and with the atmosphere overall. We see iOS as the top dog now, in terms of app count followed by Android. Windows Phone is a different category altogether which also brags of 100,000+ apps.

Windows 8 apps require to be optimized for desktop as well as touch devices, which could be a little tricky but not impossible. Microsoft allowed app submissions for Windows 8 a few months prior to the actual launch of the operating system, so the 13,000 mark isn’t a monumental one by any means. It is hoped that app submissions maintain the same pace and help the Windows Store cross the 100,000 mark by early 2013. If you take a quick peek at the Store, you will find all the essential apps available, but not the ones you would find in abundance in iOS or Android app markets.

With Windows 8 slowly making its way to the market, the time is right for the devs to jump into the sphere and make best use of the exposure. With Surface RT tablets arriving in stores and the Windows 8 desktop users also increasing in number (thanks to the easy upgrade process), app usage will only increase. As the source suggests, developers can take inspiration from apps like MetroTwit which recently crossed the 100,000 download mark on Windows 8. MetroTwit is a decent Twitter client for Windows 8 with all the Metro goodness bundled in the UI. So while we will certainly see popular titles like Shazam, Facebook, Twitter etc on the Windows Store, there’s also room for developers to showcase new and unique apps exclusive to the platform.

Source: TNW
Via: Microsoft News

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