Why You Should Consider Getting An iPad Mini


As an Android user, there are a few reasons why you should get an iPad Mini, or at least take one for a test drive for a little while. iOS offers a whole different experience than Android. Yes, it may be closed off, but iOS is a lot more smooth experience than Android (in terms of FPS). Not only that, but iOS has some really great quality apps that Android does not have. I’m not saying that Android is better than iOS or iOS is better than Android. Both operating systems offer a different experience. Which is why it is worth it to give Android and iOS a try.

iOS offers a smoother experience in terms of FPS. You’ll almost never see frames dropping as you move an object around in a game or if you’re just rotating the various screens on your device. You can even take Microsoft’s fish test for a test run to test the frame rate on iOS compared to Android. You’ll even notice that navigating Bing Maps or Google Maps on iOS is a lot smoother While iOS does offer an overall smoother experience, there are also some very high quality apps on iOS that you wouldn’t otherwise find on the Android platform. Those are just a few reasons why you should give iOS a try.

Lets not discount Android though. One of the things I love about Android is how open the platform is compared to iOS. Getting started on developing for Android is an extremely easy and fluid process compared to what you have to go through on Apple (although, their way of doing things does has pluses and negatives). As a result of that openness, more Android-based devices are created, sometimes to the point where companies are pushing the limits of what Android is capable of (which is a good thing, I might add). Also, to add to the openness factor, we wouldn’t have developers like members of XDA creating their own ROMs for smartphones without the openness either. I think having a development community like this is important behind any product of this nature.

Aside from the openness, Google is always pushing innovation with Android. You can take Google Now for instance. It is an excellent piece of software that provides a lot of useful information almost instantaneously. iOS’ Siri simply can’t do that.

All that said, iOS and Android offer two great experiences. Both operating systems are not better than each other. It simply depends on what your preference is. If you like openness with a little stuttering and frame dropping, go with Android. If you like a closed off platform with a smooth experience, go with iOS. Call me an iOS fan or call me an Android fan, I like both platforms. They both offer unique experiences that are well worth trying out. Aside from that, as a geek, I think you should be required to have had an experience with both platforms so you can make a proper opinion on each OS.

The reason why I suggest trying an iPad Mini is because it’s one of the cheaper iOS devices. That said, buying it to play around with it won’t hurt your wallet a whole lot. Especially if you plan on sending it back for a return. Not only that, but the iPad Mini does have some good hardware. It may not be as good as the fourth generation of the iPad or even some of the Android tablets, but it definitely gets the job done. Also, the iPad Mini is great for travelling, just like the Nexus 7.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should consider getting an iPad Mini, but we’ll stop here.


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