Why is there no Motorola Nexus?

After Google acquired Motorola Mobility, a lot of people have been expecting a Nexus branded device, a smart phone or a tablet, from Motorola. But that has not yet happened. And we have the reason for that now. In an interview with The New York Times, John Lagerling, Google’s director of business development for Android, gave out some info about the question. Mostly, Lagerling was highlighting the features of the new Nexus devices that were released on Monday online with press releasing instead of an actual event due to the unfortunate hurricane Sandy.

When the New Your Times guys asked about the Motorola Nexus device, Lagerling gave a good response. He said that even though Motorola Mobility belongs to Google, the companies work independently as partners. He said that there is a wall between the Motorola team and the Android team at Google. If Motorola wants to build a Nexus branded device, it will have to bid for it like any other Android manufacturer does. And after examining the potentials of the companies who have bid, Google would consider.

So why the acquisition made? Lagerling answers this as well. He says that the acquisition was only for patents. There have been a lot of lawsuits lately concerning the patents that Android infringes. And to avoid any headache, companies using Android on their devices have to pay a lot of money to companies holding those patents. And for this, they charge end users a lot of money. Plus, these manufacturers want to make a lot of profit, so they do not really think about competitive pricing, as Lagerling puts it. So in order to not squeeze a lot of money from the end users, Google had to buy Motorola Mobility for the various patents it holds so that it could charge less for them.

During Google’s Q3 quarterly earnings report, Google employees have said that a Motorola branded Nexus device would not become a reality until next year. And this too, is not certain. For more info, hit the source link.

Source: Android Authority

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