White LG Nexus 4 up for pre-order in UK

Google recently launched two new Nexus devices, the LG Nexus 4 and Samsung Nexus 10. Both the devices are great, and Nexus 4 went out of stock just few hours after putting up for sale on the Play Store.

LG Nexus 4 comes with a very reasonable price tag of just $299 for the 8 gig unlocked version and $349 for the 16 gig unlocked version. The device is offered only in black, and it looks wonderful. The color of the device like Nexus 4 matters the least to me because it is offering so much at that price point, but for those who are hoping that Google will eventually launch a new color variant of the device, or perhaps white, here’s a good news for you.

Although there is no official confirmation on the existence of white LG Nexus 4, a U.K. carrier by the name of TalkTalk has already put up the device on pre-order. What’s more interesting is that the carrier is accepting preorders for a bundle and not just white LG Nexus 4. The bundle consists of a Google Nexus 7 tablet paired with a white LG Nexus 4. That’s a great combination and would be a treat for Nexus lovers who crave for pure Android experience. You can take both the devices home after signing a 2 year contract with TalkTalk.

TalkTalk is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that makes use of Vodafone’s UK network. The operator expects the devices to be in stock by December 13th, and is already accepting pre-orders for the same. The bundle of Nexus devices will come for free, but the 24 month contract will force you to stay on the network till the contract ends. While on the contract, you should choose a monthly plan and the least one available is £30 per month which will offer you 100 mins, 250 texts, 200 MB data. The second plan, which will cost £35 per month will include 300 mins, 3000 texts and 1 gig of data transfer, whereas the £45 per month offers 1000 mins, 3000 texts and 4 gig of data.

There’s no image of the White LG Nexus 4 on the page, but this is not the first time we’re hearing about the existence of the color variant, and few days back, the above image which is supposedly legitimate was posted on the web. Carphone Warehouse in the UK also showed options of black or white on its dedicated Nexus 4 product page although the white option has been removed now.

It should be noted that UK O2 has an exclusivity deal on Nexus 4 in the UK until December 13th, so it is very much possible that TalkTalk will start offering the device on that day. There’s a lot of demand for the device, and we’re sure many are just waiting to have the device in their hands. There will be massive demand if the white version does hit the shelves. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know using the comment form below.

Source: TalkTalk

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