White ASUS PadFone 2 And Its Respective Dock Outed

The PadFone 2 has been looking extremely promising, but customers that were waiting for a white version of the phone are in luck as ASUS has finally brought the stylish white version of the PadFone 2 to retailers. Thanks to VR-Zone, we are able to see a very clean and stylish image of what the white PadFone 2 looks like along with its tablet dock. As usual for ASUS, everything looks very slick and clean, which has been something ASUS has done for quite some time now on all of their products (e.g. Republic of Gamer’s laptops, ASUS Transformer tablets and etc).

We earlier saw that the device would be launching in Singapore, but what we really need is some details as to when the rest of the world is going to be able to see this bad boy in action. Hopefully we’ll be seeing those details soon as I know some of you are very eager to get your hands on this device.

Regardless, I hope ASUS does well with this PadFone as their previous wasn’t the hottest phone on the market. I’d assume that we would see the PadFone 2 in the United States by the end of the year, otherwise they are going to have some serious competition to deal with when the Galaxy S IV is unveiled at the Mobile World Congress.

Does a PadFone 2 interest you at all? Would you take it over Samsung’s Galaxy Note II?

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source: Talk Android


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