Want To Save Money On Black Friday?

As you know, it’s very easy to save hundreds of dollars on Black Friday and Cyber Monday due to the many discounts there is. Instead of saving money though, a lot of people tend to empty out their bank accounts by buying as much stuff on sale as they can. For me, going to the store without a plan is dangerous on Black Friday. There are two reasons why it is dangerous. The first reason is marketing trying to trick you psychologically that you are actually saving money, when you in fact are not (you’re actually spending it, and will realize that when you see your bank account in the morning). The second reason is that there are a lot of things out there that are an impulse buy for people (which also ties into the previous reason).

That said, there’s quite a few ways yo can save money today and throughout the whole week:

Don’t Go To The Store Without A Plan: Before you go to the store, write a down a list of things that you want to get, and strictly stay with that list unless you find something that you actually need. No, not those 10 bags of chocolates that cost $2 a piece. I’m talking about necessities like toothbrushes, clothing, winter boots and etc. If you strictly stay with your list, you could end up saving yourself quite a few dollars because that way you won’t have the “impulse buy” feeling every time you walk by something because you are set on sticking with the list.

Leave Your Credit And Debit Cards At Home: It might be smart to leave all of you credit and debit cards at home instead of taking them with you. Use cash instead. Determine how much you want to spend at the store, and take that equivalent with you in cash. That way you will be limited to what you have in your pocket instead of what you have in your bank account. Of course, using this tactic won’t help you a whole let when it comes to Cyber Monday, but if you’re planning on going shopping today, doing little things like this should help you extraordinarily.

There are lots of ways to save money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I think that the most you can do is keeping your wants under control. It’s okay to buy cool things, but I think we sometimes go overboard on the whole “sales” excitement. You know what that’s like right? When you get excited over something, and then in the morning it wears off and you aren’t entirely sure about your purchase? I’ve been a victim of this too, and it’s not a fun place. Especially when you realize there’s about $50 left in your bank account.

Are you going shopping today for the Black Friday sales? I am personally waiting to get a few things on Cyber Monday, specifically a Blu-Ray player. I’m probably the first person you’ve ever heard of that actually doesn’t own one. Although, I did hear that the PlayStation 3 plays blu-ray DVD’s as well, so depending on the price, that may be a possibility instead!

What do you plan on getting this weekend? Sound off in the comments below!

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