Vodafone Australia set to roll out Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update on Nov 26

A major firmware update is coming for owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 under Vodafone network in Australia as the mobile operator announced it would roll out Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update on November 26th. To minimize possible stress on its servers, Vodafone will roll out the update in waves starting 1pm local time on Monday. This means not all owners would be able to receive notifications at once. Owners are advised to wait as the roll out would last up to two weeks.

According to the information posted on Vodafone’s support page, from day 1 to day 3, 10,000 phones will be randomly selected to receive the update. On day 4 to day 13, 10% of phones will be selected each day and on the last day, the rest of the owners under the umbrella of Vodafone Australia will gain access to the update.

There are two ways to pull the update down; via Kies and over-the-air. For owners who might want to download the update using Samsung’s KIES application, it may take a little longer than the wireless because they have to download 1.49GB worth of data into their computer. The Jelly Bean update, when downloaded over the air, can reach just up to 295MB and that’s the actual size of the firmware. What make the package bigger when pulled down via KIES are the drivers that should be installed into the computer so the device would be detected and data transfer would become stable.

Vodafone would also want to tell its subscribers using Galaxy S3 that if they wish to download the update using 3G on the Vodafone Live! APN, they won’t be charged for data access but those who are connected to any roaming network, standard data rates would apply. Here’s what owners can get from this update.


Update to Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1

Update to Google Mobile Services v4.1 r2

Updates to included Samsung applications

Introduction of ‘Help’ application

New Samsung widgets available

Device Features

Android Beam is now integrated into S Beam

Added ‘Simple’ and ‘Easy’ home screen modes

Introduction of ‘Blocking Mode’ function in the settings menu

‘Add Account’ menu moved to sub-menu of ‘Accounts and Sync’

Notifications shade UI has been refreshed

Lockscreen menu separated from security menu

Modem patch from chip vendor

Owners are advised to fully-charge their smartphones prior to taking the first step of the update. There is a tendency that the phone will be bricked once the update process is interrupted. Data should also be backed so if anything goes wrong during the process, they can still be retrieved.

[source: Vodafone]

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