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VernitX files new lawsuit against Apple following $368 million verdict

Software company VernitX filed a new lawsuit against tech giant Apple the same day it was awarded with $368 million after jury found the latter to have infringed VPN patents through the use of popular iOS application called FaceTime. The video-conferencing app is said to have infringed four VernitX patents used to establish secure communication link. Based on the complaint, the patent numbers in question are: 6,502,135, 7,418,504, 7,921,211 and 7,490,151.

While the plaintiff has already secured a decisive legal victory over the defendant, a new lawsuit was filed for newly released devices that weren’t included in the first complaint simply because they weren’t released at the time of the filing. The new devices that could bring VernitX another set of victory are iPhone 5, fourth-generation iPad, iPad mini, fifth-generation iPod touch and latest Mac computers.

According to Apple Insider, a website dedicated to publishing anything Apple, “The same four VPN-related patents used in the previous suit are being leveraged in the new complaint, specifically U.S. Patent Nos. 6,502,135, 7,418,504, 7,921,211 and 7,490,151. VirnetX is looking to force a preliminary injunction against the alleged infringing Apple devices as well as damages related to their sale.”

The recent victory does not just bring money for VirnetX, it also sets a good foundation that could pave a way to more victories in the future against other companies it claimed to have infringed the same patents. Apple was not the first company to pay VirnetX over the said patents. In 2010, Microsoft was ordered to pay $200 million for violating two patents similar to the ones Apple allegedly infringed.

The new lawsuit against Apple may also bring positive results for the company. If it wins the same case over new Apple devices, it is almost certain it can win similar cases it had filed against Cisco Systems, NEC Corporation and Astra Technologies.

Apple, having dubbed as the most innovative company for three years in a row, has become the center of attention for its competitors. It may have acquired considerably huge amount of patents recently, its devices, especially the older ones, are most likely to have infringed patents developed by other companies. It is, therefore, expected that from time to time lawsuits will be filed against it.

[view VirnetX Complaint here]

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